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Raoul-Andreas Habermehl has worked in the wider Environmental Industry for many years.

Raoul-Andreas Habermehl has been managing partner of FALK & Co Corporate Finance since 2002. In this position he has already carried out a large number of successful company transactions in the broader Environmental Industry. Some of Raoul-A. Habermehl's main specialities include water supply, waste water, refuse disposal and related areas in the mechanical and plant engineering fields and logistics. Before FALK & Co Corporate Finance was formed, he worked in the Environmental

Industry himself for many years. In that period, he spent ten years as managing partner of WEDECO Umwelttechnologie Wasser - Boden - Luft GmbH. Other positions were at Best Water Technologie GmbH (today BWT AG) and PASSVANT AG (today Bilfinger Facility Services GmbH). Raoul-Andreas Habermehl has a thorough knowledge of the market and contributes a considerable store of knowledge of environmental technology to the business.